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Professionally Engineered

Sales Pad for Menu System AG

MENU SYSTEM AG is the market and technology leader for professional induction cooking suites used in the catering industry and in commercial kitchens.

During a consulting session, a MENU SYSTEM salesman configures a custom cooking suite interactively with the customer. Until now, the configurations were sketched on paper along with extensive notes. With the new iPad solution the planning process was revolutionized.

User Experience

Unlimited number of alternative layouts can be designed and verified before selecting the best one.

New technologies can be demonstrated by integrated video clips.


Paper copies do not have to be processed anymore. Instead, agreed upon variant of cooking suite configuration is directly sent to the server and a customer. quotation is generated automatically. Improvements are substantially reduced turn-around time, and cost savings of half a person day per quotation.

As all the technical data of the configured items is electronically available, this data can be fed in the subsequent production systems (ERP / CAM).

Marketing Material / Videos

The agent can easily demonstrate the advantages of MS products by showing dedicated video clips on his iPad to the customer.In addition further marketing material like brochures and technical specifications are readily available.

Fitness Center Audits by QualiCert AG

QualiCert is an independent organization for certification of health clubs in Switzerland. The certification process requires on-site audits. These were performed by inspectors and the findings documented in paper form. Today an iPad solution is in place.

Using this so-called QualiCert Evaluation Tablet, it became much more efficient to manage about 2’000 audits per year.

Integrated Audit Report

All findings and deviations are discussed with the health club manager immediately after completion of the audit. Agreement to the audit report is indicated by electronic signature of auditor and health club manager.
The audit reports are sent electronically to the company server for screening and further processing..

User Experience

Auditors are motivated and self-confident through the professional acquisition of information directly at the health club. This professionalism also creates trust with the health club managers.


The main benefits of this new solution are cost reduction, reduction of errors, and immediate availability of the audit report.

Tanner App for Service Technicians

Tanner Pumpen AG is a well-recognized partner for industrial fluid pumps used by installation personnel, technical services, facility managers, and others.

In case a customer has a problem with an installed pump, the service technician had to follow a tedious process to get proper replacement of a defective (maybe 30 years old) pump: identify the pump model and manufacturer, call Tanner Pumpen AG for replacement options and prices. Ordering was done per telephone or e-mail.

Now this process is greatly simplified with the new Tanner Pumpen App.

User Experience

All technical details of the pumps can be immediately requested and displayed on the Tanner Pumpen App. Even prices of replacement pumps are available. The service technician can select pumps and create lists for approval by clients and subsequently order required material from Tanner Pumpen AG.


Time consuming phone calls for technical details and prices are no longer needed.
Orders from service technicians are electronically transferred as a XML file to the Tanner Ordering System.